Permanent Supportive Housing

About 25% of our affordable housing units are considered service enriched permanent supportive housing and are reserved for households with one disabled family member. About 10% of the units are set aside for formerly homeless Veterans.


Homeless families are 2x more likely to have a disabled household member than the general population. AFH provides service enriched permanent supportive housing reserved for households with one disabled family member in about 25% of its affordable housing units.


AFH permanent supportive housing provides flexible and responsive services based on each individual’s need and ensure long term housing stability, including but not limited to, budgeting, employment services, children’s services, counseling-therapeutic, credit, and housing, crisis intervention, and eviction prevention. The program goal is to address issues that jeopardize housing stability and place adults and families at-risk for returning to homelessness.


American Family Housing utilizes the HMIS database to track and report services provided to clients receiving assistance in our Permanent Supportive Housing programs. Please click here to learn more about these reporting practices and your privacy rights.

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For more information on our Permanent Supportive Housing contact us at 714.897.3221.

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