Our services aim to improve the lives of our tenants and clients, so they may thrive and live fulfilling lives. Stability in housing promotes thriving and gives individuals and families the opportunity to pursue health, progress, community, and a voice in their own lives.

For many of the households we work with, we make additional efforts to break a cycle of housing instability. Breaking that cycle means that we help our tenants with person-centered, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed services, so they are empowered to remain housed and work towards their personal goals.

The AFH services team works with:

  • Tenants who are in our rental housing communities
  • Tenants who live in other communities
  • Members of our interim housing communities, who are working with our team to find permanent housing
  • ·Visitors to our access center in the Whittier area of Los Angeles County

The range of available services starts at one end of the spectrum, with our property management services and their support for our tenants in their ongoing tenancy, all the the way through to wrap-around services, which might include intensive case management services and enhanced care management, including therapy. Many tenants have the opportunity to benefit from coordination of resident services, where our teams work to bring in resources ranging from budgeting classes, to dog grooming, to wellness groups.

Our goals for our program services include:

Tenants Stay Housed. Tenants stay in permanent housing, this includes those who exit supportive housing to other permanent housing.

Tenants Improve Their Physical and Behavioral Health. Housing services help tenants to access needed physical and behavioral health care, and to improve their health status. We seek to connect our tenants with healthcare that is culturally responsive, which acknowledges and is respectful of the diverse beliefs, practices, and needs of our tenants. This includes connecting them with organizations whose staff reflect the diversity of the population served or are culturally responsive.

Tenants Increase Their Income and Employment. Tenants increase their income in by obtaining benefits and/or employment. In cases in which tenants are already employed or receiving all benefits for which they are eligible, they maintain their income.

Tenants Have Social and Community Connections. Our housing offers opportunities for tenants to develop connections with their community and to build social networks. Many of our tenants are active community members who participate in organizations such  as faith communities and peer associations, and/or in activities such as volunteering, voting, community gardens, or block parties.

Tenants Are Satisfied with the Services and Housing. Tenant satisfaction is important to us.

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