We strive to create vibrant, sustainable, and affordable communities where our tenants may thrive. Many of our homes are set aside for families and individuals who are coming out of homelessness.

Our real estate development team works with our architects and partners to create opportunities for tenants to build relationships, to experience a community that is welcoming and safe, and to be able to live in privacy. Recognizing that there is nothing more impactful in the community around us than the place we each call home, our design and development process includes securing input from focus groups made up of AFH’s existing tenants, clients, and staff. Our iterative charette process drives many of our design choices, ranging from how we design our front gates or where we situate the drop-off locations for package deliveries, all the way through to shaping our overall aesthetic philosophy, where we aim to keep visual complexity to a minimum while emphasizing connectedness to the natural world.

Please reach out to us if you would like a tour of one of our communities.

Casa Paloma

Midway City, CA

Mariposa on Second

Alhambra, CA

Sepulveda Heights

Los Angeles, CA

Jackson Apartments

Midway City, CA

Oasis Apartments

Huntington Beach, CA

Goldenwest Apartments

Westminster, CA

Isla Intersections

Los Angeles, CA

North Harbor Anaheim

Anaheim, CA

Stuart Apartments

Garden Grove, CA

Potters Lane

Midway City, CA


Westminster, CA

Locust Apartments

Westminster, CA

Everyone deserves a place to call home.

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