Children’s Program

The Children’s Program serves all ages and provides educational, therapeutic and social activities that address the impact of homelessness and housing instability on children.Serving over 150 children each week, the children’s program aims to ameliorate the long term effects on children who have been negatively impacted by poverty and homelessness. Extended periods of housing instability and other social and family dysfunctions impact children’s development and results in low selfesteem and inability to concentrate, poor educational outcomes and an array of mental health issues. Through play, structured programs (i.e. Boy and Girl Scouts), therapeutic fine arts (i.e. drumming), and social activities, children’s lives are transformed as their families achieve long-term housing stability. For children whose schooling has lagged due to discontinuity associated with homelessness, live educational tutoring is provided with laptops and webcams in coordination with their school. One on one support results in significant improvement in test results in math and reading. A wide variety of summer camps are also offered annually at no cost to families through private and community support.

Thank you to our donors that support our Children’s Program!

  • S. Weldon Family Foundation
  • Uni Care Project
  • St. Joe’s Healthcare


There are 1.1 million homeless students in U.S. Public Schools (does not include infants and toddlers).
California alone has 248,904. Source: Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homeless.

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