The Grass is Greener at Potter’s Lane

American Family Housing and its veterans are continuously grateful for the contributions made by Village Nurseries. This organization donated more than 160 plants, trees and shrubs to Potter’s Lane – truly accomplishing the task of bringing it to life.

“We’re always looking to give back to our communities. In regards to American Family Housing, our donation is a double pleasure because we get to combine our love of plants with the joy of helping our neighbors and contribute to a most worthy cause.”

– David House, president and CEO of Village Nurseries

Since its inception in 1976, Village Nurseries has donated thousands of plants, trees and shrubs to worthy causes throughout the state of California. It’s a reflection of Mr. House’s personal commitment to supporting those organizations and to building strong communities and neighborhoods in which they serve, live and work. Either through education, fundraising, donations or volunteer efforts, the company is proud to partner with community leaders and organizations like American Family Housing to enact positive change. For more information, visit

American Family Housing