It’s move-in time for homeless veterans at new apartments built from shipping containers

MIDWAY CITY – The innovative Potter’s Lane housing complex on Jackson Street is now home to the first group of homeless military veterans who will occupy studio units built from converted shipping containers.

Five veterans settled in Thursday, joining four other men who began moving in March 3 to the two-story, 16-unit complex.

“It’s a perfect studio apartment,” said Marine Corps veteran Emil Kurt Carson, 54, who spent the past six of 11 homeless years living beneath a bridge in Anaheim, and before that lived in motels, the backseat of his car and behind a dumpster in a business park.

“It’s not like being at that roach motel down there on the corner of Beach.”

Each fully furnished 480-square-foot unit got a newly delivered addition that arrived in the afternoon: desktop computers, along with a desk and task chair, donated by the group Heroes Deserve Help.

Potter’s Lane is a project of the Midway City-based nonprofit American Family Housing, which has received donations and volunteer help from around the county.


American Family Housing