Sometimes the support of a caring faith community is the answer to homelessness. AFH partners with 15 – 20 local churches of various denominations to provide continuous support (room and board) to 6 – 8 single adults looking for employment and a home.

Since SHIP started, 663 homeless and unemployed single adults have been provided shelter, counseling, job search, and savings assistance. SHIP provided over 1,530 bed nights to the local Orange County community in 2014 alone. A bed night consists of food, shower, and a bed provided to one homeless individual who would otherwise be on the street.

Some of the core churches have been participating since before 1994. Host churches include:

  • St. Bonaventure
  • St. Wilfrid’s
  • Fountain Valley United Methodist
  • Beachpoint
  • Good Shepherd
  • Garden Grove United Methodist
  • Community United Methodist of HB
  • Our Redeemer
SHIP is always looking for new churches to host clients and support program efforts to end homelessness.
Please contact us if your faith community can help.

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